Comfort food on annoying days… #100daysofhappy #day38

Comfort food on annoying days… #100daysofhappy #day38


wanting to listen to a soundtrack to a musical you haven’t seen but not knowing the storyline so you go on wikipedia and read the synopsis as you listen to the songs

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The female warriors of Hyrule

The female warriors of Hyrule

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Heathers (1988)

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curtain call

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Gorgeous pictures from Wicked Mexico!

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Welp, it was actually kind of a big night for me… I ended up at Caribbean Beach resort in my friends room she randomly got cause if she had stayed in her apartment she would have murdered her roommate. so she invited a few people over… including the guy I have a major crush on… and after a few shots of fireball… and a few strawberry lemonade Svetkas later… I actually talked to said hottie and told him I’ve had a crush on him… Downside… rejection… But he was cool about it. so that’s good I guess.  and really he it clear he’s looking for friends right now as his ex had basically taken all of their former friends…  so I can deal…  sucks but hey at lest I have him as a friend… 

but it is just further proof I shall be forever alone…

I’m scared that I’m not myself in here, and I’m scared that I am.

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mygaydisney replied to your post: mygaydisney replied to your photo:Wel…

Thanks! At the moment I’m behind on training so I’m freaking out about whether or not I’m going to make it. I have no dreams of winning, I just want to finish!

You got this!  But I don’t blame you for being a little behind… it’s like Run at midnight or risk heat stroke running in Orlando this summer.  And totally, finish, have a good time… and maybe get some picks with the rare characters they put along the route..

heathers: the musical - act one

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